If you have any questions feel free to contact anyone of the club officers or board members.  If they cannot answer the question they will direct you to someone that can

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 306
Dacono, CO 80514

President:  Mike Hinds                    - president@rmqma.com  - mmccolorado@aol.com

Vice Pres:  Melanie Wicker             -  svaldi_3@hotmail.com

Secretary:  Molly Hinds                   -  crazy25racer@aol.com      (Memberships)

Treasurer:   Cassie Gasseling           -  Cassandra.gasseling@cabelas.com
Board of Directors:
    Tim Gasseling                                      - Tim.gasseling@cabelas.com    
    Ricky Webb                                     mrwinc29@gmail.com

    Rob Johnson                                   -  Robert.johnson@stryker.com
    Gery Lockman                                    - gery@llacoustical.com    
    Chris Finney                                    cfinney71@gmail.com

Head Stats: Jessica Holbrook           - Jessica.holbrook@sagehospitality.com

Assistant Stats: 
                              Melanie Wicker           -  svaldi_3@hotmail.com 

 Head Tech:  Mike Hinds                -  president@rmqma.com  
                               Gery Lockman           - gery@llacoustical.com  

                               Brett Marine             -  firersq18@msn.com

Safety Director:  Don Morrison       - dmorrison6013@gmail.com 
                                        Brett Marine          -  firersq18@msn.com

Marketing:           Molly Hinds                     -  crazy25racer@aol.com

Trophy/ Awards:   Jessica Holbrook       - Jessica.holbrook@sagehospitality.com
                                          Melanie Wicker           -  svaldi_3@hotmail.com

Novice Trainer:  Tom Wicker                     -tkw65stang@comcast.net

Email Contact:  president@rmqma.com