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The Rocky Mountain Quarter Midget Association or "RMQMA” has been part of children's sports in Colorado, providing a fun, safe, motorsport experience for families in the greater Denver area.


This year we are celebrating our 61st anniversary!  


RMQMA is part of USAC .25, Region 8 which includes Colorado Springs (PPQMA), and Pueblo (SCQMA).


Check our schedule - you are welcome to visit our track, meet the members, racers, and watch some great racing.

There are many Quarter Midget racetracks in North America. Beginning in the Los Angeles area back in 1937, Quarter Midget racing has grown significantly. The cars have improved from the metal platforms on wheels that carried a Maytag washing-machine engine to the highly specified (and very safe) engines available from a dozen manufacturers. Races are held in virtually every region of the continental United States and Canada. One of the QMA clubs in (1966) was headed up by none other than Robert LaBonte in Corpus Christi, Texas. Mr. LaBonte is the father of Terry and Bobby LaBonte of NASCAR fame. Quarter Midgets of America is a non-profit organization with over 2,500 family memberships and approximately 4,000 drivers. There are 13 Regions in our organization and 50 Quarter Midget Clubs Nationwide. This sport is definitely the ‘best kept secret’ you'll ever come across.


A Quarter Midget car is a scaled-down version of an actual midget racer, approximately 1/4 scale. The cars are built around a tubular frame and are fully suspended with springs or torsion bars and shocks. The bodies are fiberglass, usually painted to the driver’s preference. Surrounding the driver is a chrome-moly roll cage and nerf bars. The engines are single cylinder and are manufactured by Honda, Continental, Briggs & Stratton, and Deco. In the motors stock configuration they produce between 2.5 & 4 horse power. Modifications in the upper classes allow these engines to reach several times the stock horse power. These air-cooled 4-cycle engines are reliable and can produce as much as 10,000 rpm's in their more highly modified forms.


Quarter Midget Racing is divided into 15 classes and divisions with ages ranging from 5-16: Red Rookie, Blue Rookie, Junior Honda, Junior Animal, Senior Honda, Senior Animal, Heavy Honda, Light 160, Heavy 160, Junior Super-stock, Modified, Modified World Formula, Light World Formula and Heavy World Formula. Additionally 1/4 Midget drivers may graduate to Junior 1/2 Midgets. Junior 1/2 midget drivers may be ages 12-17. Quarter Midget Racing not only hosts many weekly races, but also local Regional races, and National Races.

Red and Blue Rookies are moved up to a competitive class after training has been completed; this can happen with as few as 3 required races up to 20 or more. They are moved to either one of the Honda classes based on age. Heavy Divisions of these the classes are for drivers that weigh more than 100 pounds.

Quarter Midget racing provides competitive motorsports for children ages 5-16; however, the whole family is invited to get involved, with Dad as crew-chief, head-mechanic and Judging. Mom can be found working in the tower scoring races, judging or working on cars too. Lots of little brothers and sisters can be found playing all day in the race car trailers and motorhomes.

This is entry-level (auto) racing and no experience is necessary. Quarter Midget racing is the only form of auto racing where a child can start racing on the track at age 5 (They can start Novice training at 4 1/2). RMQMA strives to maintain a clean, safe healthy sport to be enjoyed by the family in close relationship with sportsmanship.

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